Sun Java Enterprise System Deployment Planning Guide

Technical Requirements Phase

The technical requirements phase starts with the business requirements and business constraints defined during the business analysis phase and translates them into technical specifications that can be used to subsequently design the deployment architecture. The technical requirements specify quality of service (QoS) features, such as performance, availability, security, and others.

During the technical requirements phase, you create documents that contain the following information:

The resulting usage analysis, use cases, and QoS requirements documents are inputs to the logical design phase of the solution life cycle. The usage analysis also plays a significant role in the deployment design phase.

During the technical requirements phase, you might also specify service level requirements that are the basis for subsequently creating service level agreements (SLA). Service level agreements specify the terms under which customer support must be provided to maintain the system and are generally signed as part of project approval in the deployment design phase.

For more information on technical requirements, refer to Chapter 3, Technical Requirements