Sun Java Enterprise System Deployment Planning Guide

Understanding User Needs

Do the research necessary to understand the types of users that the solution targets, their needs, and the expected benefits to them. For example, the following list provides one way to categorize users:

Clearly stating the expected benefits to users helps drive design decisions. For example, here are some benefits that a solution can provide to users:

Developing Operational Requirements

Express operational requirements as a set of functional requirements with straightforward goals. Typically, you create operational specifications for areas such as:

Express operational requirements in measurable terms that all stakeholders can understand. Avoid ambiguous language, such as “adequate end-user response time.” Examples of operational requirements could be the following:

Supporting Existing Usage Patterns

Express existing usage patterns as clearly measurable goals. The following questions can help determine such goals.

Study the users who access your services. Factors such as when users access existing services and for how long are keys to identifying your goals. If your organization’s experience cannot provide these patterns, study the experience of similar organizations.