Sun Java Enterprise System Deployment Planning Guide

Load Balancing Example for Messaging Server

The following table lists the estimates for CPU power for each logical Messaging Server component in the logical architecture. This table repeats the final estimation calculated in the section Update the CPU Estimates .

Table 5–6 CPU Estimate Adjustments for Supporting Components




Messaging Server(MTA, inbound) 

4 GB 

Messaging Server(MTA, outbound) 

4 GB 

Messaging Server(MMP) 

4 GB 

Messaging Server(Message Store) 

4 GB 

For this example, assume that during technical requirements phase, the following quality of service requirements were specified:

To fulfill the availability requirement, for each Messaging Server component provide two instances, one of each on separate hardware servers. If a server for one component fails, the other provides the service. The following figure illustrates the network diagram for this availability strategy.

Architecture diagram showing availability for Messaging
Server MMP, and MTA components.

In the preceding figure the number of CPUs has doubled from the original estimate. The CPUs are doubled for the following reasons: