Sun Java Enterprise System Deployment Planning Guide

Multi-Master Replication

The following figure shows a multi-master replication strategy that might be used to distribute directory access globally.

In multi-master replication, one or more instances of Directory Server manages the master directory database. Each master has a replication agreement that specifies procedures for synchronizing the master databases. Each master replicates to any number of consumer databases. As with single master replication, the consumer instances of Directory Server are optimized for read and search access. Any write operation received by a consumer is referred back to the master. The master periodically updates the consumer databases.

Figure 5–8 Multi-master Replication Example

Diagram showing the flow of data for a multi-master replication

Multi-master replication strategy provides all the advantages of single master replication, plus an availability strategy that can provide load balancing for updates to the masters. You can also implement an availability strategy that provides local control of directory operations, which is an important consideration for enterprises with globally distributed data centers.