Sun Java System Web Server 7.0 Administrator's Guide

Installing a Certificate

After obtaining the certificate from a CA, you can install the certificate for a configuration using the Administration Console.

ProcedureTo Install a Certificate

  1. Click Server Certificates tab > Install button.

  2. Select Configuration

    Select a configuration from the configuration list for which you need to install the certificate.

  3. Select Tokens

    Select the token (Cryptographic Device), which contains the keys. If your key is stored in the local key database maintained by Sun Java System Web Server 7.0, choose internal. If your key is stored in a Smart Card or other external device or engine, choose the name of the external token from the drop down list box. Enter the password for the selected token.

  4. Enter Certificate Data

    Paste the certificate text in the text area provided. When you copy and paste the text, be sure to include the headers “Begin Certificate” and “End Certificate” — including the beginning and ending hyphens. You can also click Browse button and select the .DER file manually.

  5. Provide Certificate Details

    Provide a nickname to be used for the certificate. Select the HTTP Listener from the available list for handling the secure requests.

  6. View Results

    This page provides you with the summary of selected options. Click on Finish to complete the installation process.

    Note –

    Using CLI

    For installing a certificate through CLI, execute the following command.

    wadm> install-cert --user=admin --port=8989  --password-file=admin.pwd 
    --config=config1 --token=internal --cert-type=server --nickname=cert1 cert.req

    where cert.req contains the certificate data.

    See CLI Reference, install-cert(1).