Sun Java System Web Server 7.0 Administrator's Guide

ProcedureTo Restrict Symbolic Links

  1. From the virtual server page, click the Content Handling tab.

  2. Click General sub tab.

  3. Go to Symbolic Links section under Miscellaneous section.

  4. Choose whether to enable soft and/or hard links and the directory to start from.

  5. Click Save

    Note –

    Using CLI

    For restricting symbolic links through CLI, execute the following command.

    wadm> set-symlinks-prop --user=admin --password-file=admin.pwd 
    --host=serverhost --port=8989 --config=config1 --vs=config1_vs_1 
    allow-soft-links=true allow-hard-links=false directory=/abc

    See CLI Reference, set-symlinks-prop(1).