Sun Java System Web Server 7.0 Administrator's Guide

Adding a Web Application

You can deploy a web application to any existing virtual server.

ProcedureTo deploy a web application

Before You Begin
Sun Java System Web Server 7.0

Web applications can be deployed through wadm, Administration Console and other supported IDEs.

  1. Click on the Virtual Servers tab under a Server Configuration, for deploying a web application.

  2. Select the virtual server, in which you will need to deploy the web application.

  3. Click on the Web Applications tab > New button.

  4. Specify the web application package.

    If you need to upload a web application archive, click on the Browse button and select the archive. Optionally, you can also specify a web application archive located in the server.

  5. Specify the URI for your web application. This will be the applications context root and is relative to the server host.

  6. Provide a short description about the web application.

  7. Enable/Disable JSP Pre-compilation.

    Enabling this directive will allow all the JSPs present in the web application to be pre-compiled to improve performance.

  8. Enable the application.

    When a web application state is set to be Disabled, it will not be available on request. However you can toggle this option anytime without redeploying the application to the instances.

  9. Deploy the application.

    Click on the Deploy button to deploy the web application.

    You can access the application with the context root specified. E.g. http://<your-server>:<port>/<URI>

    Note –

    Using CLI

    wadm> add-webapp --user=admin --password-file=admin.passwd --host=localhost 
     --port=8888 --config=config1 --vs=HOSTNAME --uri=/hello /home/test/hello.war

    See CLI Reference, add-webapp(1).