Sun Java System Web Server 7.0 Developer's Guide to Java Web Applications

Java EE Standard Descriptors

This section describes the Java EE descriptors.


You define roles in the deployment descriptor file web.xml and the corresponding role mappings in the sun-web.xml deployment descriptor file for individually deployed web modules.


default-web.xml is a global web deployment descriptor file that is shared by deployed web applications. It is used to configure the DefaultServlet and JspServlet servlets. In addition, it specifies: MIME mappings based on extensions Welcome files Global filters and security constraints Individual web applications inherit and might override the configuration settings inherited from default-web.xml with their own web.xml. The default-web.xml for each server instance is shared by all web applications deployed on the server instance. Depending on the configuration capabilities of the hosting application, a virtual server might replace the server-wide default-web.xml with its own. In that case, a virtual server's default-web.xml is shared by all web application deployed on the virtual server.