Sun Java System Message Queue 3.7 UR1 Administration Guide

Displaying Broker Metrics

To display metrics information about a broker, use the metrics bkr subcommand.

This is the syntax of the metrics bkr subcommand:

imqcmd metrics bkr [-b hostName:
       [-m metricType] [-int interval] [-msp 

The subcommand displays broker metrics for the default broker or a broker at the specified host and port.

Use the -m option to specify one of the following metric types to display:

Use the -int option to specify the interval (in seconds) at which to display the metrics. The default is 5 seconds.

Use the -msp option to specify the number of samples displayed in the output. The default is an unlimited number (infinite).

For example, to get the rate of message flow into and out of the broker at ten second intervals:

imqcmd metrics bkr -m rts -int 10 -u admin

This command produces output like the following:

 Msgs/sec   Msg Bytes/sec   Pkts/sec    Pkt Bytes/sec   
 In   Out     In      Out     In   Out     In      Out  
 0     0      27      56      0     0      38      66   
 10    0     7365     56      10    10    7457    1132  
 0     0      27      56      0     0      38      73   
 0     10     27     7402     10    20    1400    8459  
 0     0      27      56      0     0      38      73

For a more detailed description about the data gathered and reported by the broker, see Brokerwide Metrics.