Sun Java System Message Queue 3.7 UR1 Administration Guide

Displaying Connection Service Metrics

To display metrics information about a single service, use the metrics subcommand.

This is the syntax of the metrics subcommand:

imqcmd metrics svc -n serviceName [-b 
hostName:portNumber] [-m metricType
     [-int interval] [-msp numSamples]

The subcommand displays metrics for the specified service on the default broker or on a broker at the specified host and port.

Use the -m option to specify the type of metric to display:

Use the -int option to specify the interval (in seconds) at which to display the metrics. The default is 5 seconds.

Use the -msp option to specify the number of samples displayed in the output. The default is an unlimited number (infinite).

For example, to get cumulative totals for messages and packets handled by the jms connection service:

imqcmd metrics svc -n jms -m ttl -u admin

After prompting for the password, the command produces output like the following:

  Msgs      Msg Bytes      Pkts      Pkt Bytes   
In   Out    In     Out   In   Out    In     Out  
164  100  120704  73600  282  383  135967  102127
657  100  483552  73600  775  876  498815  149948

For a more detailed description of the use of imqcmd to report connection service metrics, see Connection Service Metrics.