Sun Java System Message Queue 3.7 UR1 Administration Guide

Using the Command Utility

You use the Message Queue Command utility (imqcmd) to manage physical destinations. The syntax of the imqcmd command is the same as when you use it for managing other broker services.

Full reference information about imqcmd, its subcommands, and its options, is available in Chapter 13, Command Line Reference.


Table 6–1 lists the imqcmd subcommands whose use is described in this chapter. For reference information about these subcommands, see Physical Destination Management.

Table 6–1 Physical Destination Subcommands for the Command Utility

Subcommand and Argument 


compact dst

Compacts the file-based data store for one or more physical destinations. 

create dst

Creates a physical destination. 

destroy dst

Destroys a physical destination. 

list dst

Lists physical destinations on a broker. 

metrics dst

Displays physical destination metrics. 

pause dst

Pauses one or more physical destinations on a broker. 

purge dst

Purges all messages on a physical destination without destroying the physical destination. 

query dst

Queries and displays information on a physical destination. 

resume dst

Resumes one or more paused physical destinations on a broker. 

update dst

Updates properties of a destination.