Sun Java System Message Queue 3.7 UR1 Administration Guide

User Manager Utility

The Message Queue User Manager utility (imqusermgr) lets you edit or populate a flat-file user repository. This section introduces the User Manager utility. Subsequent sections explain how you use the imqusermgr subcommands to accomplish specific tasks.

For full reference information about the imqusermgr command, see Chapter 13, Command Line Reference

Before using the User Manager, keep the following things in mind:

Note –

Examples in the following sections assume the default broker instance.


The imqusermgr command has the subcommands add, delete, list, and update.

Command Options

Table 7–2 lists the options to the imqusermgr command.

Table 7–2 imqusermgr Options



-a activeState

Specifies (true/false) whether the user’s state should be active. A value of true means that the state is active. This is the default.


Performs action without user confirmation. 


Displays usage help. Nothing else on the command line is executed. 

-i instanceName

Specifies the broker instance name to which the command applies. If not specified, the default instance name, imqbroker, is assumed.

-p passwd

Specifies the user’s password. 

-g group

Specifies the user group. Valid values are admin, user, anonymous.


Sets silent mode. 

-u userName

Specifies the user name. 


Displays version information. Nothing else on the command line is executed.