Sun Java System Message Queue 3.7 UR1 Administration Guide

Access Control for Auto-Created Physical Destinations

The final section of the ACL properties file, includes access rules that specify for which users and groups the broker will auto-create a physical destination.

When a user creates a producer or consumer at a physical destination that does not already exist, the broker will create the destination if the broker’s auto-create property has been enabled.

By default, any user or group has the privilege of having a physical destination auto-created by the broker. This privilege is specified by the following rules:


You can edit the ACL file to restrict this type of access.

The general syntax for physical destination auto-create access rules is as follows:


Where resourceType is either queue or topic.

For example, the following rules allow the broker to auto-create topic destinations for everyone except Snoopy.


Note that the effect of physical destination auto-create rules must be congruent with that of physical destination access rules. For example, if you 1) change the destination access rule to forbid any user from sending a message to a destination but 2) enable the auto-creation of the destination, the broker will create the physical destination if it does not exist but it will not deliver a message to it.