Sun Java System Message Queue 3.7 UR1 Administration Guide

Using a Cluster Configuration File

For consistency and ease of maintenance, it is recommended that you collect all of the shared cluster configuration properties into a single cluster configuration file instead of setting them separately for each individual broker. In this method, each broker’s instance configuration file must set the imq.cluster.url property to point to the location of the cluster configuration file: for example,


The cluster configuration file then defines the shared configuration properties for all of the brokers in the cluster, such as the list of brokers to be connected (imq.cluster.brokerlist), the transport protocol to use for the cluster connection service (imq.cluster.transport ), and optionally, the address of the master broker (imq.cluster.masterbroker). The following code defines the same cluster as in the previous example, with the broker running on ctrlhost serving as the master broker: