Sun Java System Message Queue 3.7 UR1 Administration Guide

Default Logging Configuration

A broker is automatically configured to save log output to a set of rolling log files. The log files are located in a directory identified by the instance name of the associated broker (see Appendix A, Platform-Specific Locations of Message QueueTM Data):


Note –

For a broker whose life cycle is controlled by the Application Server, the log files are located in a subdirectory of the domain directory for the domain for which the broker was started:


The log files are simple text files. They are named as follows, from earliest to latest:


By default, log files are rolled over once a week; the system maintains nine backup files.

The broker supports three log levels: ERROR, WARNING , INFO. Table 10–2 explains each level.

Table 10–2 Logging Levels




Messages indicating problems that could cause system failure. 


Alerts that should be heeded but will not cause system failure. 


Reporting of metrics and other informational messages. 

Setting a logging level gathers messages for that level and all higher levels. The default log level is INFO, so ERROR, WARNING, and INFO messages are all logged by default.