Sun Java System Message Queue 3.7 UR1 Administration Guide

Queue Browser and Server Sessions

Table 16–6 lists connection factory attributes affecting client queue browsing and server sessions. The imqQueueBrowserMaxMessagesPerRetrieve attribute specifies the maximum number of messages to retrieve at one time when browsing the contents of a queue destination; imqQueueBrowserRetrieveTimeout gives the maximum waiting time for retrieving them. (Note that imqQueueBrowserMaxMessagesPerRetrieve does not affect the total number of messages browsed, only the way they are chunked for delivery to the client runtime: fewer but larger chunks or more but smaller ones. The client application will always receive all messages in the queue. Changing the attribute's value may affect performance, but will not affect the total amount of data retrieved.) The boolean attribute imqLoadMaxToServerSession governs the behavior of connection consumers in an application server session: if the value of this attribute is true, the client will load up to the maximum number of messages into a server session; if false, it will load only a single message at a time.