Service Registry 3.1 Administration Guide


Lists the current User objects.




The users command lists the User objects currently in the Registry.

The output has the following format:

%index: URN lastname, firstname middlename

In the output, the index is a numeric value that you can use, including the percent sign (%), to refer to a user when you run the chown or cp command. The lastname, firstname, and middlename are the last, first, and middle names of the user.


The following command displays the current users:

admin> users
%0:  urn:freebxml:registry:predefinedusers:registryoperator  Operator, Registry 
%1:  urn:freebxml:registry:predefinedusers:registryguest  Guest, Registry 
%2:  urn:freebxml:registry:predefinedusers:farrukh  Najmi, Farrukh Salahudin
%3:  urn:freebxml:registry:predefinedusers:nikola  Stojanovic, Nikola 
%4:  urn:uuid:799cc524-b7cd-4e51-8b34-d93b79ac52de  User, Test 
%5:  urn:uuid:85428d8e-1bd5-473b-a8c8-b9d595f82728  Parker, Miles

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