Service Registry 3.1 Administration Guide


Imports an XML file that defines registry objects.


import [ {-a | --attach} pathname, mimeType, id]… submitObjectsRequest


The import command adds one or more new objects or repository items to the Registry by submitting an XML file that conforms to the SubmitObjectsRequest protocol as described in the ebXML Registry Services and Protocols Version 3.0 specification.

The XML file and any attachments provided form the content of a SOAP message sent to the Registry and handled there. This operation is thus very low-level and is provided for those most familiar with the ebXML specifications.


-a | --attach

Attaches a file as the repository item for an extrinsic object. The pathname is the path name of the file to be added. The mimeType specifies the MIME type of the file. The id is the unique identifier of the extrinsic object for which this is the repository item (??). You can specify this option more than once.



An XML file that contains definitions of registry objects.


The following command imports a group of objects defined in the file MyRequest.xml:

admin> import MyRequest.xml

The following command (all on one line) imports an extrinsic object and its repository item, an image file:

admin> import --attach chicken.jpg, image/jpeg, urn:bird:poultry:chicken