Service Registry 3.1 Administration Guide


The developer interface to the Registry requires the use of a JKS keystore, while the Web Console requires a PKCS12 or DER certificate that you can import into a web browser.

If you created a user account using a registry-generated PKCS12 certificate and you wish to use the Admin Tool to publish content to the Registry, use the keystoreMovercommand to export the certificate to a JKS keystore. You can also use this command in order to run developer applications against the Registry.

If you created a user with the add user command and you want that user to be able to use the Web Console, you can use this command to export the JKS keystore created by add user to the PKCS12 format.

See Creating a User Account in Service Registry 3.1 User’s Guide for details on using the Web Console to create a user account. See Using the Admin Tool to Publish Content to the Registry for information on using the keystoreMover in conjunction with the Admin Tool. See add user for information on using the add user command.

See Service Registry 3.1 Developer’s Guide for information on developing applications for the Registry.