Service Registry 3.1 Administration Guide

ProcedureTo Enable Yourself to Publish Content to the Registry

  1. Perform user registration as described in Creating a User Account in Service Registry 3.1 User’s Guide.

    Remember the location of the PKCS12 certificate you downloaded, as well as the user name and password you specified.

  2. Start the Admin Tool:

    java -jar ServiceRegistry-base/lib/admin-tool.jar
  3. Execute the keystoreMover command to export your PKCS12 certificate to a JKS keystore. See keystoreMover for details.

    Typically, you need to specify only the four options shown in the command example.

  4. Stop the Admin Tool:

  5. Start the Admin Tool again. This time, specify options as follows:

    java \ \ \
    -jar ServiceRegistry-base/lib/admin-tool.jar -alias alias -keypass password

    Here, filename is the name of your certificate file, which is normally keystore.jks. The location security/filename is relative to the directory $HOME/soar/3.0/jaxr-ebxml. The alias and password values are the ones you specified when you created a user account.

    To save typing, create a script to execute this command.