Service Registry 3.1 Release Notes

Implementation-Specific API

Service Registry includes an implementation of version 1.0 of the Java API for XML Registries (JAXR) specification. JAXR 1.0 was written to support the UDDI and ebXML Registry 2.0 specifications. The implementation of JAXR in Service Registry includes nonstandard extensions to JAXR 1.0. These API extensions will be contributed to a future version of the JAXR specification for consideration as additions to the future JAXR standard.

These API extensions are subject to change in future releases of Service Registry. Sun will make every effort to maintain backward compatibility for these APIs in future releases of Service Registry. In some cases backward compatibility may not be possible. Customers who decide to use these API extensions are advised to be aware of the potential for changes to these extensions within the Service Registry JAXR provider at future releases.