Service Registry 3.1 Release Notes

What's New in Service Registry 3.1

This section provides information related to new features, functionality, and supported products in Service Registry 3.1.

New Access Port for Service Registry

The Service Registry default access port value has changed because the previous port value, 6060, conflicted with a value that was registered with the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) for the use of the X Window System (X11). The new default access port value is 6480. All default Service Registry ports are now registered with IANA.

Any existing clients that use the Java API for XML Registries (JAXR) should be changed to use the new port value. The properties javax.xml.registry.queryManagerURL and javax.xml.registry.lifeCycleManagerManagerURL specify this port value for JAXR clients. If these properties are defined in a properties file, there is no need to recompile the clients.

New Package Names and Installation Path Names for Service Registry

The Service Registry packages have been renamed as shown in Table 1–1.

Table 1–1 Service Registry Package Name Changes

Package description 

Java ES 4 Package Name 

Java ES 5 Package Name 

Deployment Package on Solaris OS 



Deployment Package on Linux and HP-UX systems 



Development Package on Solaris OS 



Development Package on Linux and HP-UX systems 



The installation path names for Service Registry have also changed, as shown in Table 1–2.

Table 1–2 Service Registry Installation Path Name Changes


Java ES 4 Path Name 

Java ES5 Path Name 

Base Installation Directory on Solaris OS 



Base Installation Directory on Linux and HP-UX systems 



Domain and Data Installation Directory on Solaris OS 



Domain and Data Installation Directory on Linux and HP-UX systems 



New Configuration Target Name

At the previous release, the name of the Ant target you used to configure Service Registry was install. At this release, the target name is configure. The install target is still supported for backward compatibility, but may be removed in a future release. See Chapter 1, Configuring and Setting Up Service Registry, in Service Registry 3.1 Administration Guide for details.

Accessibility Features for People With Disabilities

To obtain accessibility features that have been released since the publishing of this media, consult Section 508 product assessments available from Sun upon request to determine which versions are best suited for deploying accessible solutions. Updated versions of applications can be found at For information on Sun's commitment to accessibility, visit

Implementation-Specific API

Service Registry includes an implementation of version 1.0 of the Java API for XML Registries (JAXR) specification. JAXR 1.0 was written to support the UDDI and ebXML Registry 2.0 specifications. The implementation of JAXR in Service Registry includes nonstandard extensions to JAXR 1.0. These API extensions will be contributed to a future version of the JAXR specification for consideration as additions to the future JAXR standard.

These API extensions are subject to change in future releases of Service Registry. Sun will make every effort to maintain backward compatibility for these APIs in future releases of Service Registry. In some cases backward compatibility may not be possible. Customers who decide to use these API extensions are advised to be aware of the potential for changes to these extensions within the Service Registry JAXR provider at future releases.