Service Registry 3.1 Release Notes

6491246: Upgrade Fails on HP-UX Platform

Problem Summary: If you installed and used the previous version of Service Registry (from Java ES 2005Q4) on an HP-UX system, and you now upgrade to the Java ES 5 version of Service Registry, the installation fails with an error message stating that the problem is with HADB (High Availability Database). The problem is that the HADB packages were installed in what the Java ES 5 installer sees as a non-default location.

The problem also occurs if you uninstall the Java ES 2005Q4 version of Application Server and then install the Java ES 5 versions of Service Registry and Application Server.

Workaround: If you uninstalled Application Server, you must remove the sun-hadb packages before you reinstall.

If you are upgrading directly from the Java ES 2005Q4 version of Service Registry to the Java ES 5 version, the steps are more complicated:

  1. Remove the sun-hadb packages.

  2. Install the Java ES 5 versions of Service Registry and Application Server.

  3. Edit the file /opt/sun/appserver/config/asenv.conf as follows:

    • Change the line



    • Change the line



    • Add the following two lines:

  4. In the directory /opt/sun/appserver/lib, create a subdirectory named endorsed.

  5. Copy the file /opt/sun/javadb/lib/derby.jar into the directory /opt/sun/appserver/lib/endorsed.