Sun Java System Access Manager 7.1 Administration Reference


The default user preferences are defined through the user service. These include time zone, locale and DN starting view. The User service attributes are dynamic attributes.

User Preferred Language

This field specifies the user's choice for the text language displayed in the Access Manager console. The default value is en. This value maps a set of localization keys to the user session so that the on-screen text appears in a language appropriate for the user.

User Preferred Timezone

This field specifies the time zone in which the user accesses the Access Manager console. There is no default value.

Inherited Locale

This field specifies the locale for the user. The default value is en_US. See Supported Language Locales for a list of locales.

Administrator Starting View

If this user is a Access Manager administrator, this field specifies the node that would be the starting point displayed in the Access Manager console when this user logs in. There is no default value. A valid DN for which the user has, at the least, read access can be used.

Default User Status

This option indicates the default status for any newly created user. This status is superseded by the User Entry status. Only active users can authenticate through Access Manager. The default value is Active. Either of the following can be selected from the pull-down menu:


The user can authenticate through Access Manager.


The user cannot authenticate through Access Manager, but the user profile remains stored in the directory.

The individual user status is set by registering the User service, choosing the value, applying it to a role and adding the role to the user's profile.