Sun Java System Access Manager 7.1 Administration Reference

User Modification Notification List

Defines a list of attributes and email addresses associated with the attribute. When a user modification occurs on an attribute defined in the list, the email address associated with the attribute will be sent notification. Each attribute can have a different set of addresses associated to it. Multiple email address can be specified, as in the following syntax:

attrName e-mail| locale|charset e-mail |locale|charset .....

attrName e-mail| locale|charset e-mail |locale|charset .....

The -self keyword may be used in place of one of the addresses. This sends mail to the user whose profile was modified. For example, assume the following:


Mail will be sent to the address specified in the manager attribute,, admin@sun, the person who modified the user (self).

The notification list also accepts different locales by using the -|locale option. For example, to send the notification to an administrator in France:

manager|self||fr SeeSupported Language Locales for a list of locales.

The attribute name is the same as it appears in the Directory Server schema, and not as the display name in the console.