Sun Java System Access Manager 7.1 Administration Reference

Data Store

The Data Store authentication module allows a login using the Identity Repository of the realm to authenticate users. Using the Data Store module removes the requirement to write an authentication plug- in module, load, and then configure the authentication module if you need to authenticate against the same data store repository. Additionally, you do not need to write a custom authentication module where flat-file authentication is needed for the corresponding repository in that realm.

Authentication Level

The authentication level is set separately for each method of authentication. The value indicates how much to trust an authentication mechanism. Once a user has authenticated, this value is stored in the SSO token for the session. When the SSO token is presented to an application the user wants to access, the application uses the stored value to determine whether the level is sufficient to grant the user access. If the authentication level stored in an SSO token does not meet the minimum value required, the application can prompt the user to authenticate again through a service with a higher authentication level. The default value is 0.

Note –

If no authentication level is specified, the SSO token stores the value specified in the Core Authentication attribute Default Authentication Level.