Sun Java System Access Manager 7.1 Developer's Guide

Console Samples

Sample files have been included to help understand how the Access Manager console can be customized. The samples include instructions on how to:

Modify User Profile Page

This sample modifies the user interface by adding a hyperlink that allows an existing user to change their configured password. It is in the ChangeUserPassword directory.

Create A Tabbed Identity Management Display

This sample creates a custom user profile which displays the profile with three tabs. The sample is in the UserProfile directory.


This sample displays the parameters passed to AMConsoleListener class in the amConsole debug file. It is in the ConsoleEventListener directory.

Add Administrative Function

This sample adds functionality to the Identity Management module that allows an administrator to move a user from one organization to other. It is in the MoveUser directory.

Add A New Module Tab

This sample adds a new tab into the Header frame. This tab will connect to an external application and can be configured using the console. It is in the NewTab directory.

Create A Custom User Profile View

This sample creates a custom user profile view to replace the default user profile view. A different user profile view can be created for each configured organization. A custom class would need to be written that extends the default user profile view bean. This class would then be registered in the User Profile Display Class attribute of the Administration Service. There is an example of how to do this in the samples directory. This sample is in the UserProfile directory.

These samples are located in AccessManager-base/SUNWam/samples/console. Open the README file in this directory for general instructions. Each specific sample directory also contains a README file with instructions relevant to that sample.

Note –

The console samples are only available when Access Manager is installed on the SolarisTM operating system.