Sun Java System Access Manager 7.1 Developer's Guide

Loading the Login Module Sample into Access Manager

Once you’ve compiled and deployed the login module, you must load the login module into Access Manager. You can load the login module by using either the Access Manager administration console, or by using the amadmin command.

ProcedureTo Load the Login Module Using the Administration Console

  1. Login to Access Manager Console as amadmin, using the URL:


  2. Click Configuration.

  3. In the Configuration tab, under Authentication, click Core.

  4. Add class file name LoginModuleSample to the Pluggable Authentication Modules Classes list.

  5. Click Save.

ProcedureTo Load the Login Module Using the Command Line

  1. Write a sample XML file as shown in To Load the Login Module Using the Command Line, which will add the LoginModuleSample authentication module entry into the allowed modules and an authenticators list.

                    Copyright (c) 2003 Sun Microsystems, Inc. 
    						 All rights reserved
                   Use is subject to license terms.
               <!DOCTYPE Requests
                    PUBLIC "-//iPlanet//iDSAME 5.0 Admin CLI DTD//EN"
                  <SchemaRequests serviceName="iPlanetAMAuthService"
                        <Attribute name="iplanet-am-auth-authenticators"/>
  2. Use amadmin to load sample.xml:

    <AMADMIN> --runasdn uid=amAdmin,ou=People,<root_suffix> --password <password> --data sample.xml

    Solaris Sparc/x86: AMADMIN = <PRODUCT_DIR>/bin/amadmin

    On W2K: AMADMIN = <PRODUCT_DIR>\\bin\\amadmin