Sun Java System Access Manager 7.1 Developer's Guide

ProcedureTo Configure ISAuthPostProcess Sample for a Role

  1. Log in to Access Manager console as amAdmin. Use the following URL:


  2. Click the Identity Management tab, and select your organization.

  3. From the View menu, select Roles to view the role properties.

  4. From the View menu, select Services.

  5. Click Edit to edit the authentication configuration.

  6. Add the following to the Authentication post Processing Class attribute: ISAuthPostProcessSample

  7. Click Submit to save the changes.

  8. Log out.

  9. Go to the following URL:


    If you choose to use an organization other than the default, be sure to specify that in the URL using the org parameter. Example: org=orgName

    The postprocessing SPI will be executed for the service accessed on successful authentication, on failed authentication, and on Logout.