Sun Java System Access Manager 7.1 Developer's Guide

Client Data

In order to detect client types, Access Manager needs to recognize their identifying characteristics. These characteristics identify the features of all supported types and are defined in the amClientData.xml service file. The full scope of client data available is defined as a schema in amClientData.xml . The configured Access Manager client data available for HTML-based browsers is defined as sub-configurations of the overall schema: genericHTML and its parent HTML.

Note –

Parent profiles (or styles, as they are referred to in the Access Manager console) are defined with properties that are common to its configured child devices. This allows for the dynamic inheritance of the parent properties to the child devices making the device profiles easier to mange.


HTML is a base style containing properties common to HTML-based browsers. It might have several branches including web-based HTML (or genericHTML), cHTML (Compact HTML) and others. All configured devices for this style could inherit these properties which include:


Identifies the base profile. The default value is HTML.


Arbitrary string which uniquely identifies the client. The default value is HTML.


Used to locate the client type files (templates and JSP files). The default value is html.


Defines the content type of the HTTP request. The default value is text/html.


Client that will be treated as HTML. The default value is true. This attribute does not refer to the similarly named generic HTML style.


Defines whether cookies are supported by the client browser. The default value is true which sets a cookie in the response header. The other two values could be False which sets the cookie in the URL and Null which allows for dynamic cookie detection. In the first request, the cookie is set in both the response header and the URL; the actual mode is then detected and set from the subsequent request.

Although the Client Detection Service supports a cookieless mode, Access Manager console does not. Therefore, enabling this function will not allow login to the console. This feature is provided for wireless applications and others that will support it.


Defines the character encoding used by Access Manager to send a response to the browser. The default value is UTF-8.


genericHTMLrefers to an HTML browser such as Netscape NavigatorTM, MicrosoftTM Internet Explorer, or MozillaTM. As a configured device, inherits properties from the HTML style as well as defining its own properties. genericHTML properties include the following:


Identifies the base profile for the configured device. The default value is HTML.


An arbitrary string which uniquely identifies the client. The default value is genericHTML.


Search filter used to compare/match the user agent defined in the HTTP header. The default value is Mozilla/4.0 .

Defines the character encoding set supported by the browser.
The default values are :

The character set can be configured for any given locale by adding charset_locale=codeset where the code set name is based on the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) standard.