Sun Java System Access Manager 7.1 C API Reference


Returns the first value assigned to the entry currently being referenced by the specified entry iterator.


#include "am_map.h"
AM_EXPORT const char *
am_map_entry_iter_get_first_value(am_map_entry_iter_t entry_iter);


This function takes the following parameter:


The specified entry iterator. It may be NULL.


This function returns one of the following:

char *

Returns the first associated value of the specified key. The order of insertion into the map does not guarantee the value returned.


If the specified iterator is NULL, does not reference a valid entry, or the entry does not have any associated values.

Memory Concerns

am_map_entry_iter_get_first_value() destroys the am_map_entry_iter_t passed to it. Because of this, don't call this function more than once on the same am_map_entry_iter_t.