Sun Java System Access Manager 7.1 C API Reference

Listening and Notification

A session may become invalid because it has been idle over a time limit, it has reached the maximum session time, or it has been terminated by an administrator. An application can be notified of this by implementing a listener function. Additionally, notification must be enabled for the application to receive change notifications when am_sso_init() is initialized. Notification is enabled by setting the property in to true, and by providing the property a URL which will receive HTTP notification messages from Access Manager. Notification messages are in XML and should be passed as a string (const char *) to am_notify() which will parse the message and invoke the appropriate session or policy listener. Following is a code sample that illustrates this.

Note –

For more information, see Single Sign-on Properties and <am_notify.h>.

void sample_listener_func(
                   am_sso_token_handle_t sso_token_handle,
                   const am_sso_token_event_type_t event_type,
                   const time_t event_time,
                   void *opaque)
         if (sso_token_handle != NULL) {
             const char *sso_token_id = am_sso_get_sso_token_id(sso_token_handle);
             boolean_t is_valid = am_sso_is_valid_token(sso_token_handle);
             printf("sso token id is %s.\\n",
             printf("session state is %s.\\n",
                      is_valid == B_TRUE ? "valid":"invalid");
             printf("event type %d.\\n", event_type);
             printf("event time %d.\\n", event_time);
         else {
             printf("Error: sso token handle is null!");
         if (opaque)
             *(int *)opaque = 1;

     int main(int argc, char *argv[]) {

     am_status_t status;
     char *sso_token_id = argv[1];
     int listener_func_done = 0;

     /* initialize sso as in previous samples */

     /* get sso token handle */
     status = am_sso_create_sso_token_handle(&sso_handle, sso_token_id,  false);

     /* register listener function. notification must be enabled, if not, 
     /* status AM_NOTIF_NOT_ENABLED will be returned. */
 status = am_sso_add_sso_token_listener(sso_handle, sample_listener_func,
				&listener_func_done, B_TRUE);
     if (status != AM_SUCCESS) {
         printf("Failed to register sample listener function.\\n");
         return 1;