Sun Java System Access Manager 7.1 C API Reference


<am.h> contains the am_cleanup() function which cleans up all internal data structures created by am_sso_init(), am_auth_init(), or am_policy_init(). It needs to be called only once at the end of any calls. After cleanup, the relevant initialize function must be called again before using any of its interfaces.

Note –

Any properties passed to the initialization functions am_sso_init(), am_auth_init(), or am_policy_init() should be destroyed only after am_cleanup() is called.

am_cleanup() Syntax

#include "am.h"
AM_EXPORT am_status_t

am_cleanup() Parameters

This function takes no parameters.

am_cleanup() Returns

This function returns one of the following values of the am_status_t enumeration (defined in the <am_types.h> header file):


If successfully cleaned up.


Netscape Portable Runtime (NSPR) error.


If any other error occurred.