Sun Java System Access Manager 7.1 Release Notes

Access Manager Console Issues

New Access Manager Console cannot set the CoS template priorities (6309262)

The new Access Manager 7.1 Console cannot set or modify a Class of Service (CoS) template priority.

Workaround: Login to the Access Manager 6 2005Q1 Console to set or modify a CoS template priority.

Old console appears when adding Portal Server related services (6293299)

Portal Server and Access Manager are installed on the same server. With Access Manager installed in Legacy mode, login to the new Access Manager Console using /amserver. If you choose an existing user and try to add services (such as NetFile or Netlet), the old Access Manager Console (/amconsle) suddenly appears.

Workaround: None. The current version of Portal Server requires the Access Manager 6 2005Q1 Console.

Console does not return the results set from Directory Server after reaching the resource limit (6239724)

Install Directory Server and then Access Manager with the existing DIT option. Login to the Access Manager Console and create a group. Edit the users in the group. For example, add users with the filter uid=*999*. The resulting list box is empty, and the console does not display any error, information, or warning messages.

Workaround: The group membership must not be greater than the Directory Server search size limit. If the group membership is greater, change the search size limit accordingly.

Add ContainerDefaultTemplateRole attribute after data migration (4677779)

In Legacy mode, he user's role does not display under an organization that was not created in Access Manager. In debug mode, the following message is displayed:

ERROR: DesktopServlet.handleException()
DesktopServlet.doGetPost(): no privilige to execute desktop

This error becomes evident after the Java ES installer migration scripts are run. The ContainerDefaultTemplateRole attribute is not automatically added to the organization when the organization is migrated from an existing directory information tree (DIT) or from another source.

Workaround: Use the Directory Server console to copy the ContainerDefaultTemplateRole attribute from another Access Manager organization and then add it to the affected organization.