Sun Java System Access Manager 7.1 Release Notes

Delegated Administrator commadmin utility does not create a user (6294603)

The Delegated Administrator commadmin utility with the -S mail,cal option does not create a user in the default domain.

Workaround: This problem occurs if you upgrade Access Manager to version 7.1 but you do not upgrade Delegated Administrator.

If you do not plan to upgrade Delegated Administrator, follow these steps:

  1. In the UserCalendarService.xml file, mark the mail, icssubcribed, and icsfirstday attributes as optional instead of required. This file is located by default in the /opt/SUNWcomm/lib/services/ directory on Solaris systems.

  2. In Access Manager, remove the existing XML file by running the amadmin command, as follows:

    # ./amadmin -u amadmin -w password -r UserCalendarService
  3. In Access Manager, add the updated XML file, as follows:

    # ./amadmin -u amadmin -w password 
    -s /opt/SUNWcomm/lib/services/UserCalendarService.xml
  4. Restart the Access Manager web container.