Sun Java System Access Manager 7.1 Release Notes

Single WAR deployment for Webshpere requires changes to server.xml to communicate with client SDK (6554379)

In order for the Access Manager single WAR deployment with Websphere 5.1 to successfully communicate with the client SDK, you must make changes to the server.xml file.


To correctly change the server.xml file, see the following steps:

  1. Acquire the amserver.war file. There are two ways to get the single WAR file; through the Java Enterprise System 5 installer with the Configure Later option, or through the sun download site.

    Note –

    If you have generated the WAR file through the Java Enterprise System 5 installer, make sure that you complete the steps outlined in Known Issue #6550261.

  2. Explode the Access Manager WAR into a staging area, for instance /tmp/am-staging.

  3. Copy the following shared .jar files from /tmp/am-staging/WEB-INF/lib to a shared location, such as/export/jars:

    jaxrpc-api.jar         jaxrpc-spi.jar                jaxrpc-impl.jar              saaj-api.jar
    saaj-impl.jar           xercesImpl.jar               namespace.jar                xalan.jar
    dom.jar                     jax-qname.jar               jaxb-api.jar                     jaxb-impl.jar
    jaxb-libs.jar            jaxb-xjc.jar                    jaxr-api.jar                     jaxr-impl.jar
    xmlsec.jar                swec.jar                          acmecrypt.jar                  iaik_ssl.jar
    iaik_jce_full.jar       mail.jar                             activation.jar                   relaxngDatatype.jar
    xsdlib.jar                   mfwk_instrum_tk.jar   FastInfoset.jar                jsr173_api.jar
  4. Remove the same .jar files from the /tmp/am-staging/WEB-INF/lib in the staging area.

  5. Update the Webshpere instance's server.xml. Make the changes to jvmEntries in server.xml if your default instance location is/opt/WebSphere/AppServer/config/cells/node-name/nodes/node-name/servers/server1, as shown below:

  6. Restart the container.

  7. Recreate and deploy the Access Manager WAR from /tmp/am-staging. For more information, see Deploying Access Manager as a Single WAR File in the Access Manager Deployment Planning Guide.