Sun Java System Access Manager 7.1 Release Notes

Patch Installation Instructions For Linux Systems

Before you install the Linux patch, make sure that you have backed up the files listed in Pre-Installation Considerations.

The installpatch installs a patch on a standalone Linux system. For example:

# ./installpatch

The postpatch script prints messages similar to the messages on a Solaris system. However, the procedure to back out a patch on a Linux system is different than on a Solaris system. There is no generic script to back out a Linux patch. If a lower version of the patch was previously installed, you can re-install that version and then follow the postpatch instructions to redeploy the Access Manager applications by running the amconfig script.

If the patch is installed on the Access Manager 7.1 RTM release and you want to remove the patch and restore the system to the RTM state, you must reinstall the Access Manager RTM bits using the reinstallRTM script. This script takes the path where the Access Manager RTM RPMs are stored and installs the RTM RPMs over the patched RPMs. For example:

# ./scripts/reinstallRTM path_of_AM71_RTM_RPM_directory

After you run the reinstallRTM script, redeploy the Access Manager applications by running the amconfig script and the restart the web container.