Sun Java System Access Manager 7.1 Release Notes script does not work for Session Failover in a Single War deployment for Windows (CR 6646519)

In a single WAR deployment for Windows, the session failover script,, fails to start the amsessiondb client. In order to fix this, perform all of the steps described in the following workaround.


  1. Edit the amsfo.conffile to replace the AMSESSIONDB_ARGS= parameter with AMSESSIONDB_ARGS="".

  2. Edit the amsfo.conf file to replace the $AM_HOME_DIR/.password with the absolute value of the .password file. For example:


  3. Edit the script to include the -javahome option for the following argument:

    $jmq_args = "-bgnd $broker_options -vmargs $broker_vm_args -name $broker_instance_name -port $broker_port -cluster $cluster_list -javahome $java_home";

    Set the java_home as defined in your environment, as it does not read it from the environment even though it is set there.

  4. Remove the /logs/jmq pid file.