Sun Java System Access Manager 7.1 Release Notes

Limitation is Removed for Creation of Data Store Authentication Module Instance in Legacy Mode

Patch 3 removes the limitation for Creation of Data Store authentication module instance fails in Legacy mode (6764919).

In patch 2, the amadmin user was prevented from logging in to any authentication module other than the Data Store and Application authentication modules. CR 6811036 in patch 3 removes this restriction, but at the same time re-implements the original security fix to protect the authentication for the amadmin user, which is considered as a special or “internal” user.

An internal user such as amadmin must first authenticate internally to the OpenSSO configuration data store before it can authenticate to any authentication module. Hence you can login as amadmin to any authentication module only if you can first successfully authenticate to the configuration data store.

Note. Due to CR 6811036, if you log in as amadmin to the Access Manager Admin Console and provide an incorrect password, the “Your authentication module is denied' message will be displayed instead of “Authentication Failed” (which was displayed prior to patch 2).