Sun Java System Access Manager 7.1 Release Notes

Support for the Java SecurID Authentication Module

SecurID has been converted to a Java-based authentication module and is supported on the following platforms:

Previously, you had to start the SecurID authentication process (amsecuridd) manually. Now, the SecurID authentication process runs similar to the other authentication modules, fully-contained within the Access Manager 7.1 server process.

The Java version of SecurID requires the following files:

To configure a SecurID authentication module:

  1. Log in to the Access Manager 7.1 Administration console.

  2. Under Access Control, click realm-name and then Authentication.

  3. Under Module Instances, click New and add a New Module Instance with Type as SecurID.

  4. Configure the following SecurID Realm Attributes:

    • ACE/Server Configuration Path. Default is /opt/ace/data.

    • Helper Configuration Port. Default is 58943.

    • Helper Authentication Port. Default is 57943.

    • Authentication Level. Default is 0 (zero).

  5. Save your configuration and log out of the console.

  6. Restart the Access Manager web container.