Sun Java System Application Server Enterprise Edition 8.2 Release Notes

ProcedureTesting the Upgrade

On Solaris, to test that the upgrade was successful, check that the upgrade was performed properly:

  1. Ensure that the running processes use the new binaries. Check the following in all HADB nodes:

    new path/bin/ma -v
    new path/bin/hadbm -v
  2. Check whether the database is running. The following command should show that all the HADB nodes are in a “running” state.

    new path/bin/hadbm status -n
  3. Ensure that the products using HADB have changed their pointers to point to the new HADB path.

  4. The products using the HADB can run their upgrade tests to verify the HADB upgrade is also working.

    After an online upgrade, if the new version does not work properly, go back to using the previous HADB version. However, if there has been a change to the management agent repository, the HADB itself can be downgraded, but the new management agent must be kept running.