Sun Java System Application Server Enterprise Edition 8.2 Administration Guide

Miscellaneous Commands

The miscellaneous commands allow you to manage various aspects of the Application Server.

Table 19–22 Miscellaneous Commands




Lets you log into a domain. If various application server domains are created on various machines (locally), asadmin invocation from any of these machines can manage the domains located elsewhere (remotely). This comes in handy especially when a particular machine is chosen as an administration client and it manages multiple domains and servers. asadmin commands that are used to manage domains located elsewhere are called remote commands. The asadmin login command eases the administration of such remote domains. The login command runs only in the interactive mode. It prompts you for the admin user name and password. On successful login, the file .asadminpass will be created in the user's home directory. This is the same file that is modified by the create-domain command while using the -‚Äźsavelogin option. The domain must be running for this command to run.


Displays the version information. If the command cannot communicate with the administration server with the given user/password and host/port, then the command will retrieve the version locally and display a warning message. 


Displays a list of all the asadmin utility commands. Specify the command to display the usage information for that command


Prevents unauthorized use of the Application Server. Allows you to install the license file.