Sun Java System Application Server Enterprise Edition 8.2 Administration Guide

Diagnostic and Logging Commands

The diagnostic and logging commands help you troubleshoot problems with the Application Server. These commands are supported in remote mode only.

Table 19–17 Diagnostic and Logging Commands




Generates an HTML report that contains pointers or navigational links to an application server installation details such as configuration details, logging details, or process specific information for an application server instance. 


Displays the threads (dump of stack trace), classes and memory for a given target instance, including the Domain Administration Service. This command works only with the application server instance processes. This command replaces the traditional techniques like sending ctrl+break or kill -3 signals to application server processes. The command will not work if the target server instance is not running.


Displays a summary list of severities and warnings in server.log since the last server restart.


Displays distribution of errors from instance server.log at module level.™


Displays all the error messages for a given module at a given timestamp.