Sun Java System Application Server Enterprise Edition 8.2 Administration Guide

Multi and Interactive Modes

The asadmin utility can be used in command shell invocation or multi command mode (known as the multimode command). In command shell invocation you invoke the asadmin utility from your command shell. asadmin executes the command, then exits. In multiple command mode, you invoke asadmin once, it then accepts multiple commands until you exit asadmin and return to the normal command shell invocation. Environment variables set while in multiple command mode are used for all subsequent commands until you exit multimode. You may provide commands by passing a previously prepared list of commands from a file or standard input (pipe). Additionally, you can invoke multimode from within a multimode session; once you exit the second multimode environment, you return to your original multimode environment.

You can also run the asadmin utility in interactive or non-interactive mode. By default, the interactive mode option is enabled. It prompts you for the required arguments. You can use the interactive mode option in command shell invocation under all circumstances. You can use the interactive mode option in multimode when you run one command at a time from the command prompt; and when you run in multimode from a file. Commands in multimode, when piped from an input stream, and commands invoked from another program, cannot run in the interactive mode.