Sun Java System Application Server Enterprise Edition 8.2 Administration Guide

About Configuring Hardware Crypto Accelerators

Sun Java System Application Server 8.1 and 8.2 Standard Edition or Enterprise Edition have been tested with Sun Crypto Accelerator 1000 (SCA-1000) and SCA-4000.

Application Server, when used in conjunction with J2SE 5.0, can communicate with PKCS#11 tokens. Packaged with Application Server are an NSS PKCS#11 token library (for the NSS Internal PKCS#11 Module, commonly known as the NSS soft token) and NSS command-line management tools. For more details, see Using Network Security Services (NSS) Tools.

Use the NSS tools to create keys and certificates on PKCS#11 tokens and J2SE PKCS#11 providers to access token keys and certificates at runtime. A PKCS#11 provider is a cryptographic service provider that acts as a wrapper around a native PKCS#11 library. A PKCS#11 token generally refers to all the hardware and software tokens with a native PKCS#11 interface. A hardware token is a PKCS#11 token implemented in physical devices, such as hardware accelerators and smart cards. A software token is a PKCS#11 token implemented entirely in software.

Note –

If you run Application Server on the J2SE 1.4.x platform, only one PKCS#11 token, the NSS soft token, is supported.

For the Microsoft Windows environment, add the location of NSS libraries AS_NSS and the NSS tools directory, AS_NSS_BIN to the PATH environment variable. For simplicity, the procedures described in this section use UNIX commands only. You should replace the UNIX variables with the Windows variables, where appropriate.

Configuring the hardware crypto accelerators is divided into two main procedures: