Sun Java System Application Server Enterprise Edition 8.2 Administration Guide

Changing the Administrator Password

To reset the administrator password, you must stop all the node agents in the domain. This stops all the associated server instances. All the server instances and node agents are now stopped and only the Domain Administration Server (DAS) is running.

Now you can change the administrative user's password as follows:

  1. Change the admin password using the Command-line interface:

    asadmin update-file-user --authrealmname admin-realm ... --userpassword newpassword <admin-user-name>

  2. Change the admin password using the Admin console:

    Select the admin-server's configuration node > Security > Realms > admin-realm > Edit File Realm User.

    A message indicating that you have successfully changed the administrator password is displayed.

  3. Restart the Domain Admin Server (DAS) with the new password as follows:

    Using the Command-line interface: asadmin start-domain --user admin --password newpassword domain1

    Assuming the following configuration: a domain with two node-agents (i1na, c1-na), and three instances (c1i1 and c1i2 are in the same cluster named c1 and a standalone server instance i1).

  4. Restart Node Agent without starting the instances with the new password.

    For example:

    asadmin start-node-agent --user admin --password newpassword --startinstances=false i1-na asadmin

    asadmin start-node-agent --user admin --password newpassword --startinstances=false c1-na

  5. Restart the Servers and Clusters.

    asadmin start-node-agent --user admin --password newpassword ... c1

    asadmin start-node-agent --user admin --password newpassword i1