Sun Java System Application Server Enterprise Edition 8.2 Developer's Guide

ProcedureTo Set Up the Sample Application

Before You Begin

The example application is located in the directory install-dir/samples/webservices/security/ejb/apps/xms/. For ease of reference throughout the rest of this section, this directory is referred to as simply app-dir/xms/.

In order to have access to this sample application, you must have installed the samples server during installation of the Application Server. To check to see if the samples are installed, browse to the directory install-dir/samples/webservices/security/ejb/apps/xms/. If this directory exists, you do not need to follow the steps in the following section. If this directory does not exist, the samples server is not installed, and must be installed for access to the sample application discussed here.

  1. Start the installation for the Application Server.

  2. Click Next on the Welcome page.

  3. Click Yes on the Software License Agreement page. Click Next.

  4. Click Next to accept the installation directory, or change it to match the location where the Application Server is currently installed.

  5. Select Continue to install to the same directory.

    You want to do this because you want the samples/ directory to be a subdirectory of the Application Server directory, install-dir/samples/.

  6. Reenter the Admin User Name and Password. Click Next.

    You are on the page where you select to install just the samples.

  7. Deselect everything except Create Samples Server. Click Next.

  8. Click Install Now to install the samples.

  9. Click Finish to complete the installation.