Sun Java System Application Server Enterprise Edition 8.2 Developer's Guide

Ant Integration

You can integrate the verifier into an Ant build file as a target and use the Ant call feature to call the target each time an application or module is assembled. This is because the main method in is callable from user Ant scripts. The main method accepts the arguments described in Table 3–4.

Example code for an Ant verify target is as follows:

<target name="verify">
 <echo message="Verification Process for ${testfile}"/>
 <java classname=""
	 <sysproperty key="com.sun.enterprise.home"
	 <sysproperty key="verifier.xsl"
		 value="${appserv.home}/verifier/config" />
	 <!-- uncomment the following for verbose output -->
	 <!--<arg value="-v"/>-->
	 <arg value="${assemble}/${ejbjar}" />
	 <classpath path="${appserv.cpath}:${java.class.path}"/>