Sun Java System Application Server Enterprise Edition 8.2 Performance Tuning Guide

Hardware Resources

The type and quantity of hardware resources available greatly influence performance tuning and site planning.

The Application Server provides excellent vertical scalability. It can scale to efficiently utilize multiple high-performance CPUs, using just one application server process. A smaller number of application server instances makes maintenance easier and administration less expensive. Also, deploying several related applications on fewer application servers can improve performance, due to better data locality, and reuse of cached data between co-located applications. Such servers must also contain large amounts of memory, disk space, and network capacity to cope with increased load.

The Application Server can also be deployed on large “farms” of relatively modest hardware units. Business applications can be partitioned across various server instances. Using one or more external load balancers can efficiently spread user access across all the application server instances. A horizontal scaling approach may improve availability, lower hardware costs and is suitable for some types of applications. However, this approach requires administration of more application server instances and hardware nodes.