Sun Java System Application Server Enterprise Edition 8.2 Performance Tuning Guide

Configuring the JDBC Connection Pool

The Application Server uses JDBC to store and retrieve HADB data. For best performance, configure the JDBC connection pool for the fastest possible HADB read/write operations.

Configure the JDBC connection pool in the Admin Console under Resources > JDBC > Connection Pools > pool-name. The connection pool configuration settings are:

For optimal performance, use a pool with eight to 16 connections per node. For example, if you have four nodes configured, then the steady-pool size must be set to 32 and the maximum pool size must be 64. Adjust the Idle Timeout and Pool Resize Quantity values based on monitoring statistics.

For the best performance, use the following settings:

In addition to the standard attributes, add the two following properties:

To add a property, click the Add Property button, then specify the property name and value, and click Save.

For more information on configuring the JDBC connection pool, see Tuning JDBC Connection Pools.